Copybind offers a wide range of binding options for various document types and applications such as:

Plastic Comb Binding - Supplied with clear cover and leather-grain back, with a range of colours to choose from. Plastic comb binding is a popular choice for reports, assignments, presentation material, engineering and computer manuals, and student resources. The best thing about plastic comb binding is that you can add or remove pages without needing to use a new comb. It is also fast, we can do most documents while you wait, and its cost effective.

Wire Comb Binding - Supplied with a clear cover and leather-grain back, wire binding offers a touch of style to your presentation material, reports, or assignments. In fact wire combs are suitable for almost as many applications as plastic combs. As with plastic comb binding, wire comb binding can usually be done while you wait. It is perfect for one off documents that need to look that little bit special.

Saddle-Stiched Booklets
- We have the facilities available to turn your documents into professional quality booklets. Ask us about this prior to printing however as these style documents to need special settings. The great thing about booklets is that there are so many options. Plus by having us print your document as a booklet you will save on printing costs.

Thesis Binding – Copybind can print and bind your thesis to the specifications of your university complete with embossing. We also can print a copy on archival paper if this is required on your library copy.

Hard Cover Binding – An excellent choice for those special keep-sake's. Have your family history, unpublished novel, poetry or what-ever you need, bound into your own padded leather special edition. The perfect gift for you or someone else.

Perfect Binding and Burst Binding – Self Publishers and writers take note. You don't have to wait any longer to get your novel or literary contribution published. Perfect binding is your best choice for the economy necessary to get your book published and into the book shops. Call us today for a quote on your book.

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